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24.05.2018: New star prize for the Metal Battle 2018. The winner of the first prize will play at Full Metal Holiday: Destination Mallorca

This year the prize range for the winners of the Metal Battle will get an additional upgrade! Also in 2018 roundabout 30 nations will participate into the worldwide W:O:A Metal Battle competition and send their finalists to the big[...] more »

23.05.2018: Metal Battle Caribbean - Winner announced

We are happy to announce the winners for W:O:A Metal Battle Caribbean. ASYLUM from Suriname. Congrats guys!more »

23.05.2018: Metal Battle Italy - Winner announced

And here are the winners of WACKEN METAL BATTLE Italy! TARCHON FIST from Bologna. Make sure to check them out!more »

23.05.2018: Metal Battle Lithuania - Winner announced

We have the Winner of Metal Battle Lithuania - Phrenetix. Progressive Thrash metal from Vilnius. Welcome guys and we will see you in Wacken!more »

17.05.2018: Metal Battle China - Finalist Announced

We are happy to announce the Metal Battle China Winner: Die From Sorrow (modern melodic death metal from Beijing). Congrats guys! We will see you in Wacken!more »

16.05.2018: Metal Battle Norway - Winner announced

Hello Folks! Winner in Norway is black/thrash trio of TODESKING from Stavanger. Contact: facebook You can find their latest stage performance here: [...] more »

15.05.2018: Metal Battle Caucasian Republic - Finalist announced

Metal Battle Caucasian Republics have their Winner now. This is the hardcore/deathcore metal band "Every Dog Has Its Day" from Tbilisi, Georgia. Congrats guys, we will see you in Wacken!more »

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